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eGoTech™ releases RefreshOS 1.0 and RefreshOS 1.23 stable versions 03-23-2023

RefreshOS 1.0 is built using Kubuntu 20.04 as it's core and is the first stable operating system distro released by eGoTech. This version removes several KDE softwares and replaces them with other open source applications that are more lightweight with enhanced elegance. This version does include an installer and has been published alongside it's updated counterpart RefreshOS 1.23 as this version is no longer supported by Canonical.

RefreshOS 1.23 is the latest release of the operating system that uses the same build process as RefreshOS 1.0 but it's core has been updated from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and will be supported until 2025.

Why did eGoTech™ release both versions on the same day?
The stable version of RefreshOS has been in development for a year and as version 1.0, which is based off of Ubuntu 20.04, reached it's completion Canonical's support for the LTS stopped. eGoTech™ updated the core from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS to meet modern standards and extend support of the version to 2025.

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Website update version 03-23-2023

Website update to encompass multi project showcasing, visual updates, and modernization.

eGoTech™ Presents RefreshOS rc with company launch 03-10-2022

RefreshOS is an operating system developed by eGoTech™ designed to be user friendly, quick, and clean with a familiar GUI that's easy to use and customize. There are a lot of great features built into RefreshOS such as desktop search and cell phone connection to the desktop thanks to the Plasma desktop by KDE, this isn't your average KDE distro though!

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Introducing eGoTech™ 03-10-2022

eGoTech™ is an online software development company that aims to create and provide platforms and services that contribute to making life easier and offering a little relief in the form of simplicity. We focus on personal computing program development and will be creating web, PC, and Mobile apps starting with the essentials.